My experience with Dounia and her work have been amazing since the very first minute. Dounia has this incredible gift that makes every session a “nice and productive chat with your best friend”.
Before meeting her, I felt insecure about my ability to make the best of my strengths and had very little clarity on how I wanted my brand to be presented to the world and how I could thrive naturally and relax.. The work we did together was worth a fortune on  professional and personal level. Dounia has helped me grow amazingly over the past 2 months: with some well thought out branding law of attraction and personal growth strategies.
Dounia gave me the tools I had always longed for to acknowlegde my assets and go higher and higher.
Nowadays we are flooded by good and bad information, which can lead to confusion and self-doubt. That is why you need to be sure that you work with professionals who truly UNDERSTAND YOU. The amazing outcomes I got from this experience with Dounia keep on astonishing me and I can’t thank her enough for assisting me in getting where I am today.
If you want beauty clarity coaching/law of attraction services that will change your life, don’t look any further.
Virginie Herserange

Founder, Organic Chic Boutique

I had a skype session with Dounia aimed at the Law of Attraction. I’m very glad I had this session with her. It made me enthousiastic. You probably might ask yourself why. Let me tell you briefly:
Firstly, she gave me a few tools to be more specific about what I want to attract & why.
Secondly, the session also gave me (more) power to acknowledge my skills and sincerely believe my in goals.
We all know the feeling we want to achieve something. Maybe something vaguely or a specific goal. Yet we mostly end up doubting this goal because of thoughts as “I can’t do this,” “Am I good enough?” “Others are better than I am.” Etcetera. A session with Dounia is a good method to start listening to your innerself, start doing specific things and to start receiving.
Angela Loy

Make-up & Hair Artist and Digital Content Creator , @

To be very honest, I had a little bit of a hesitation to start working with a coach. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to be met at the same level or whether I was going to be judged all the time. But already after the first minutes of talking I was convinced that this was actually going to be a fortunate relationship! Dounia steered the conversation carefully and I just knew that she perfectly understood my obstacles. Her methods are not what I expected – they are modern science based techniques that allow shifts to happen immediately and with ease. I have noticed changes in my life from the first time we met onwards – my desired outcomes drifted into my life smoothly and effortlessly.
I just love the positive energy Dounia emits when speaking to her! I can highly recommend working with her, especially when you truly
want to experience change in your life.
I also enjoyed the accountability A LOT – it really gave me the positive feedback on my accomplishments (which I sometimes don’t allow myself to feel).
Eva Gossenreiter

Founder, Eva Gossenreiter

Before I started working with Dounia I was afraid that my prices were too expensive. And this fear made sure that I was going to ask ridiculous low prices for my high valued services. After doing the archetype assessment Dounia could easily show my pitfalls based on my top 3 archetypes but also my strengths and how I could use this to overcome my fear. Since I have done the sessions with Dounia, I have created more money in four weeks than any time before. Whoohooo. Just a warning: Dounia’s energy is super contagious. After a session with her you can not wait to take immediate action. So be warned……
Nayvary Soeterbeek

Founder, Brilliant Business Babe